The Pharmaceutical Botany Department is one of the first founding members of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Ankara (12.5.1965). Until 1976, it was directed by Professor Dr. Kamil Karamanoglu.  After the death of Karamanoğlu in May 1976, there was no other faculty member on the podium at that time and he was admitted to the Chair of Pharmacognosy on 3.9.1976. The two chairs were separated again in 5.5.1981 and Prof. Dr. Nevin Tanker continued his presidency until 1998, untill she retired from the age limit. Later on, Prof.Dr.Mehmet Koyuncu was temporarily assigned to Van 100. Yıl University, Prof. Dr. Maksut Coşkun has served as president of the department. On September 2006, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Koyuncu came to the presidency of the department of education.  Between 2006-2011. Prof. Dr. Maksut COŞKUN continued his presidency of department of education between 2011-2018. After Professor Dr. Maksut Coşkun’s retirement on April 30, 2018, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Mine Gençler Özkan took over in 2018 and is still in office.